It’s no surprise that most of us love to eat home cooked fare but hate the extra heat that comes with being the kitchen. So other than spending a lot of money on take-out, what’s a self-respecting Texan to do? Our El Paso appliance repair team members have a half-dozen tips that may help solve the common, summer time dilemma once and for all:

Retire the Self-Cleaning Feature

One of the easiest ways to beat the seasonal heat is to retire your oven’s self-cleaning feature. That’s because most self-cleaning features have a tendency to generate an overwhelming amount of heat, which is apt to stress out you and your home’s HVAC system beyond the breaking point.

Bring the Kitchen Outdoors

Besides bypassing the oven’s self-cleaning feature, consider bringing your culinary skills and kitchen equipment outdoors. Bust out the smokers, barbecue grills, campfire grates and solar cookers. While you’re at it, don’t forget about the sun tea jugs and outdoor drying racks. They are ideal for summer use too.

Break Out the No-Bake Recipes

Breaking out all of your family’s beloved, no-bake recipes is a smart, heat busting idea as well. If you don’t already have a large assortment of no-bake recipes, don’t panic. There are many listed all over the internet, including close to 100 that are posted on the Reader’s Digest’s website alone.

Show the Stove Top Some Love

If you absolutely have to cook indoors, consider showing the stove top some love. Use it to prepare quick meals that don’t require a lot of heat. Great examples include pasta salads, steamed veggies, cheesy macaroni, pan-fried fish, chipped beef over toast and oriental stir-fries.

Remember the Mighty Broiler

Depending on your oven and culinary skills, remembering to use the broiler may help to get rid of a bit of heat too. Some of the modern oven’s built-in broilers cook foods fast and don’t let heat or smoke escape into the kitchen. Older models, however, may not be as energy efficient. So it pays to have our appliance repair pros check out the broiler first.

Get Reacquainted with Old Buddies

Re-introducing yourself to a few old pals is a fabulous way to beat the heat as well. By buddies, we are referring to other kitchen appliances. Pieces of kitchen equipment that come to our appliance repair pro’s minds are pressure cookers, counter top toaster ovens, self-contained bread machines, counter top grills, crock pots and microwaves.
To discuss these tips and other ways to keep your home’s kitchen cool during the El Paso summer months, please contact us at (210) 485-6578. At SoBellas, our qualified professionals can service and install kitchen equipment on the spot. Plus, routine, year round maintenance agreements are available too.
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